Top 10 reasons to enroll today!

1. Passing on your first try should be your main focus. We give you exactly what you need to meet this goal without any worry or apprehension.
2. You'll save time and money. You will advance into your career path sooner, avoid costly rescheduling, waiting, and taking your exam additional times. Getting down to business quickly means more money in your pocket sooner, which will return the nominal investment in our service many times over.
3. While the exams have become more difficult and the overall pass rate has declined, we boast a consistent pass rate of 98% or better. Our goal is that EVERY candidate enrolled WILL pass, and we are constantly adjusting our content and approach toward that end.
4. You have NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN. We have made a commitment to offer the finest means of preparation available, ensuring that you WILL PASS. In the unlikely event that you don't, it won't cost you a dime. We will honor our promise to expedite a full refund.
5. You will become a better professional. Sure, you might barely pass with the minimum knowledge, but if you use our system you will achieve so much more. You will gain exceptional knowledge that will help elevate your professional level and your earning potential.
6. You can access the system anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection. Your responses are carefully tracked from one session to the next and the challenging topics will be revisited until you master them.
7. We are the only service that actively solicits feedback from every student on every exam item. We take your comments seriously and use them to improve our service.
8. We are the only service that lets you ask subject-related questions. If you need help with an exam topic, go ahead and email us. Our team of subject matter experts will go to work for you, research and provide you with their best answer.
9. Our system of learning and review is practically effortless and always fun. Your progress is evaluated as we advance you through the material, while you enjoy the sense of accomplishment and confidence from learning and knowing you will succeed.
10. Our unique service already provides one of the best values available anywhere. Enrolling early will maximize the value, giving the most opportunity to take full advantage of everything we offer and fully prepare for your exam.
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